Many times when I model things in SolidWorks, I render them afterwards in order to make them look more realistic. Here are some of the renders I have made, with short descriptions of each one.

Newest ones at the bottom.

HP computer monitor

This is a model of the computer monitor that I worked with over the summer during an internship. During some free time I had, I modeled and rendered the monitor from scratch. The model has the same moving parts as the original and all parts are the same size/ratio as their real-life counterparts. All measurements were made using a ruler and micrometer.

Soon I hope to have side-by-side pictures of the original and rendered model as a comparison.

Cake Shape Inserts

This was a submission to as a product (the original name on Quirky isn’t as accurate as the one here). The idea is that you can put these shapes in the pan and the cake would bake around them, leaving holes in the finished cake in the shape of words or smiley faces etc.


Twisted Muffin Inserts

This was a submission to as a product. These silicone inserts would fit in a normal muffin tin but have twisted sides, making the muffins have a more interesting bottom. The inserts split down the middle, allowing the muffins to be removed easily.

Easy-Shapes Balloons

This was a submission to as a product. The balloons would have certain parts of the walls thicker than the rest. These parts would not expand as much, allowing the balloon to shape itself as it is inflated. A ring of thicker rubber would make a neck in the balloon. A side would make a curve.


This was a submission to as a product. The attachment could fit on any existing plug and work with any outlet. The prongs are made with wire rope (or possibly springs) so that they can handle the current, have enough stiffness to enter the socket easily, but bend when they’re removed at any angle.

Button Snaps

This was a submission to The idea is for a non-sew way of reattaching buttons to clothing on the go. The snap consist of two pieces, the top of which looks similar to thread, which stick into the shirt, holding the button in place. The button can then be used normally.

Jump Start Charger

This was a submission to The device could be charged by the user by stepping on the pedal enough that it could jump-start a car. The benefit is that, since it would be charged on an as-needed basis, there was no worry about it dying and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. The pedal allowed the user to use their body weight to charge the device, as opposed to arm strength.


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