In the summer of 2011, a summer camp was doing a medieval-like theme and hired me to build them a full-sized trebuchet. For a more detailed history, look below.


The trebuchet stands at six feet tall without the arm and twelve feet with the arm fully extended up. It has a nine foot arm and uses 100 lbs in weight plates as a counterweight. There is a pulley system that allows me to easily pull down the arm into the firing position and a snap shackle attached to a long cord (for safety) is used as a trigger. I made a denim pouch to use as a sling.

Videos of launches can be found here and here.


The original design was that of a floating arm trebuchet but because I realized that doing that without some key tools (such as a table saw) would be difficult, I switched back to a traditional design. Here are the original designs:


In the summer of 2011, I built a trebuchet. The project had started as part of my high school’s Engineering Club while I was president in 2010, but due to budget and scheduling issues, it was never made and I was left over with a lot of lumber and useless designs. Over that summer, I decided to finish the project without using the designs, just building it as I saw it and mentally keeping track of what parts needed to go where. About 2/3 of the way through the project, my friend put me into contact with the director of Camp Stone, who was interested in purchasing the trebuchet. In late September, Camp Stone bought my trebuchet, making it the first thing I’ve made that I’ve sold.


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