Projects Done for Camp

Room Dividers

While I was working at Camp Moshava Bair as a counselor, I was also asked to build several things for the camp, which was starting its first summer. Other than some prefab equipment, such as a jungle gym and basketball hoops, I made some things of my own design. The first was a PVC gate that would block off the pool maintenance equipment, something required by law. After that, I made room dividers, also out of PVC, so that bigger rooms could be split into two bunks. The room dividers consisted of three main bars, one across the ceiling and two going down to the floor from either end. I realized that with a curtain strung on a cable from either end of the top, all the force would be straight down on the side bars and compressing the top bar, making all the force parallel to the PVC and not perpendicular, where it is weak. To prevent the structure from falling I added small legs to the base and attached the top to the ceiling with cord.

Rocket Racers

For my Rocket Racers activity, I made the track, launcher and design for the cars, which needed to be easy for me to make a lot of and easy for the campers to build. A full description and video of the activity in progress can be found here.

Pool Gate

I also made a gate for people entering the pool out of PVC. I drilled holes in the edges and put in misters so that the gate could be attached to a hose and it would spray people with water before they entered the pool. I also put a ball valve where the hose attached so that the misters could be turned on and off without running back and forth from the hose. This whole thing was zip tied to the gate around the pool. This design was based off of this instructable.

T-Shirt Cannon V1

The final thing I made for camp was a t-shirt cannon to be used at the final ceremonies. This design was taken from I designed and built a newer version the next summer (See below).

The next summer (the summer of 2012), I was employed by Camp Moshava specifically as Camp Engineer, making my primary job building things for the camp instead of just doing it on the side. As I had more time and a larger budget to work with (as well as another year of experience), these projects were more extensive.

Summer 2012


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