MATLAB Projects

For the Boston University class Engineering Computation, which teaches the programming language MATLAB, I completed three main projects:
The first was based around computer engineering and dealt with a large file of core temperature and the task was to find values that were too low or high.
The second project dealt with biomedical engineering, calculating different blood flows given varying pressure, volume, elastance and other variables.
The third project dealt with mechanical engineering, my chosen field. This project gave the task of designing a blade for a wind turbine, and then graphing the 3D image. The class was also asked to manipulate an image from a file to change colors in different segments.

For the BU class Engineering Mechanics I, the project was to design and build a truss out of straws and foam gusset plates (See Engineering Class Projects for more detail). On my team, I was in charge of the coding. For the project, I made programs that took in a standard file and calculated the force on each member (using guidance from the assignment sheet) as well as performing some optimization of existing structures. The optimization code for our final design revealed that if we increased the height of the entire structure by 1.5 cm, it would give a significantly better load/cost ratio (what we were graded on).

Born out of finishing a lab early, I decided on a whim to make a program based on a favored XKCD of mine, number 231. The program asked the user for a distance to cat in feet and based on that, gave the adjusted intelligence level while plotting the point of the graph based on the comics image.
The code is given here.


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