Pneumatic Controller: Part 6

Okay so a lot has happened since the last update. In fact, at some point I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in update #6 and so I split it. Good stuff coming.

For the LCD shield, only 4 pins on the shield are used: V+, Ground, and two signal pins. This was good because I didn’t have a great way to connect to them without permanently soldering something to the shield, which I didn’t want to do in case I/someone wanted to change something later on. However, I did have 5 longer pins available, so I was able to make Franken-headers, with only the pins I wanted to use being longer.





LCD assembly fully built


LCD assembly installed

I also finished the sensor circuitry.

DSCN2114 DSCN2112These may not seem very important, but the specifics of how these things would be mounted/attached to the main box required some finagling. The problem was that although there was plenty of room, I didn’t want the wires to crisscross too much and become a rat’s nest. There was also a metal plate bolted to the bottom of the box (toward the middle of the picture below) that I couldn’t remove and was preventing me from attaching the breadboards to the bottom. Eventually I decided on this arrangement. I was even able to use that metal thing to hold the leads for the solenoid transistors (and other things, as will be explained next update).DSCN2128Next update will have most of what remains of the project.

Talk to you soon!



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