Hand-Finger Typing: Part 3

Past parts Part 0/1, Part 2

Part 3: Programming

This will be the final part, at least for now. I will be starting a newer and more interesting project (details soon, hopefully) and I am tabling this one. I just wanted to get it to the point where it worked and stop before learning the typing/getting good at it.

Here goes!

I actually finished the programming a while ago but didn’t finish debugging because of other things going on. Then I started focusing on the Pneumatic Controller project and this fell by the wayside. However, before starting a new project I wanted to have this one be at least somewhat functional, so I decided to finish the debugging.

Okay, everyone*? It works. Sort of. It does enough that I can move on now.

Possible Future:

Beforehand, I had also made a helpful chart to make learning the new typing easier.

letter matrix

Since then, I have also learned Python and how to make GUIs in it, so if I move forward with this, I plan to make a program to help. It would have the fingers and the letters you can make by starting with them (so Dominant Middle would have T, E, P, R, Q) and then when you press that, it will highlight the new letters you can make for each finger (so Dominant Middle would be ‘E’ since two Dominant Middles in a row give that letter. Dominant Index would have ‘I’). It’s all very exciting.

So that’s it. It sort o works. Now I’m moving on to bigger and better things (and of course continuing the Pneumatic Controller project).

Until next time,


*Really just me


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