Pneumatic Controller: Part 4

This is the post you’ve been waiting for! The one that shifts away from blocks of text and has more pictures. They should be more like this for a while.

Today I finished the debugging of the setup program! It now takes input, stores it correctly, and allows changes to be made in the confirmation section. There were many issues but they’re all gone now. While it’s possible that I’ll run into problems later on, those shouldn’t be too hard to deal with now that the more complicated stuff is done.

The other, more visual/shiny, thing I did today was make a more permanent base for the LCD/keypad. As lovely as electrical tape is, this one is much stronger and more stable, plus it looks a lot nicer.

DSCN2086 (1)

Arduino screwed into the board 

DSCN2085 (1)

LCD on the Arduino

DSCN2083 (1)

Keypad attached to the LCD


Keypad screwed onto the base (the three nuts in the center are from the Arduino)


Keypad screwed onto the base (the three nuts in the center are from the Arduino)


Full assembly


Full assembly – Side


Full assembly – Top

Since the final version will have more things stacked on top, the Arduino won’t fit in this base. Plus, the lid to the box (which you will see in a later post) holds the LCD and tends to slam down, so I’d prefer to not have the brain of the operation jostled so much. But some of it should be salvageable and for now it’s perfect for my needs.

Tomorrow I start working on the pistons, sensors, and the main part of the code. Huzzah!



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